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@@ -464,16 +464,14 @@ invoke any of these methods directly depending on exactly what aspect of the fun
* Tab completion is currently a bit broken/limited this will have a
major overhaul in a future version.
-Syntax Highlighting
+### Syntax Highlighting
Syntax highlighting is on by default in Pry. You can toggle it on and
off in a session by using the `toggle-color` command. Alternatively,
you can turn it off permanently by putting the line `Pry.color =
false` in your `~/.pryrc` file.
-Example Programs
+### Example Programs
Pry comes bundled with a few example programs to illustrate some
features, see the `examples/` directory.
@@ -495,8 +493,7 @@ Pry allows a large degree of customization.
[Read how to customize Pry here.](
-Future Directions
+### Future Directions
Many new features are planned such as:
@@ -511,13 +508,11 @@ Many new features are planned such as:
* Extended and more sophisticated command system, allowing piping
between commands and running commands in background
+### Contact
Problems or questions contact me at [github](
+### Contributors
The Pry team consists of:

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