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banister committed Aug 17, 2011
1 parent 9c255cd commit 5b09af4c9202dbdcb4c6b70b3957a3d64d05a341
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* fix history saving (should not save all of Readline::HISTORY, but only what changed)
* prevent blank lines going to Readline::HISTORY (thanks cirwin!)
* ensure that cat --ex emulates the `whereami` format - includes line numbers and formatted the same, etc
+* fixed bug #200 ( )- string interpolation bug (thanks to ryanf)
+* show-doc and stat now display method visibility (update WIKI)
+* got rid of warnings caused by stricter ruby 1.9.3 rules
+* remove interpolation of command names and fix interpolation error messag (update WIKI) (thanks ryanf!)
*/7/2011 version 0.9.3
* cat --ex (cats 5 lines above and below line in file where exception was raised)

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