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Fix failing tests on rbx

The failures were due to Rbx recovering more source than expected (compared to MRI)

For example, the following fails in MRI:
module M

module N
  include M

show-source N

but on rbx it succeeds and shows the source of N

How does rbx do it? It appears to create a secret method called __module_init__ on a module whenever you include another module.
This method has its source_location set to the `include` line.
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1 parent 4ca5980 commit 8f4b11d70d99442ac5698e425280e208475e1628 @banister banister committed Feb 8, 2013
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  1. +209 −206 spec/commands/show_doc_spec.rb
  2. +89 −87 spec/commands/show_source_spec.rb
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