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added some missing elements from 0.9.7 release CHANGELOG

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banister committed Oct 26, 2011
1 parent 6d51109 commit 9c2e5be3a09ffc1cccc2bc9facb04a828696801c
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@@ -8,6 +8,9 @@ MAJOR NEW FEATURES:
complete CHANGELOG:
* fixed syntax highlighting for object literals
* fixed ActiveSupport method-naming conflict with "in?"
+* added --super option to edit-method, show-method, and friends - making it easier to operate on superclass methods
+* officially added edit --in to open previous expressions in an editor
+* whereami now works for REPL-defined code
* started using JRuby parser for input validation in JRuby (thanks pangloss!)
* fixed bug where ~/.pryrc could be loaded more than once (thanks kelseyjudson!)
* added parse_options! helper to pull option parsing out of commands

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