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+* include method visiblity in show-doc and stat output
+* tempfile should end in .rb (for edit -t)
+* ls output should not be in array format
+* exceptions should allow access to previous items in the backtrace
+* input should allow multiple objects which are switched to automatically when EOF is reached on the preceding one
+* pry -r should happen in pry
+* more plugin-related commands in pry - see installed ones, see activated ones, see available on rubygems
+* should also allow plugins be explicitly activated as a command line option
+* should not raise if plugin activation fails (should show warning instead)
+* more documentation on CommandContext, etc and also command helpers
+* fix history saving (should not save all of Readline::HISTORY, but only what changed)
+* prevent blank lines going to Readline::HISTORY
+* ensure that cat --ex emulates the `whereami` format - includes line numbers and formatted the same, etc
* hist command now excludes last line of input (the command invocation itself)
* hist now has `history` alias

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