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Commits on Jan 20, 2013
  1. @banister

    version release

    banister committed
    * fixed pager bug (wouldn't render color codes in some circumstances)
  2. @banister

    Added Pry.last_internal_error

    banister committed
    Holds the last internal error (such as CommandError, Slop::InvalidOptionError,
    or MethodSource::SourceNotFoundError). Useful for debugging commands.
    Just set: _pry_.last_exception = Pry.last_internal_error
Commits on Jan 19, 2013
  1. @banister

    pager.rb: Ensure we explicitly rescue LoadError

    banister committed
    a bare 'rescue' will not catch a LoadError
  2. @epitron @banister

    Some fixes to the pager.

    epitron committed with banister
    We didn't send any flags to the pager, as a result ansi codes
    were not applied unless the user had properly set up their LESS
    env variable. This was often not the case, resulting in broken
    and ugly output. This commit sends along the proper flags whenever
    we use the pager, regardless of the user's LESS variable
Commits on Jan 18, 2013
  1. @banister

    version bugix release

    banister committed
    * fix Pry.run_command
    * improve `ls` output
    * add :requires_gem => "jist" to 'gist' command (so deps can be installed
    	via install-command)
    * improve help for 'edit' command
  2. @banister

    improve help for 'edit' command

    banister committed
  3. @banister

    Fix failing specs on ree/ruby18

    banister committed
    We put a conditional around tests so that we skip those those using
    show-source (namely the one in run_command_spec.rb) on ree/ruby18
Commits on Jan 17, 2013
  1. @rking

    Adjusting ls output for voluminous output

    rking committed with
    The previous table output was geared mostly for `ls _pry_`, which isn't
    a common of hierarchy. After feedback from users such as @envygeeks, we
    found a few tweaks that would help the really-small layers such as those
    found in Rails or in small classes, namely:
    - Rolling it up onto one line, if possible
    - Highlighting the heading in the colors familiar to users of GNU ls for
      "directory" style
    Additionally, I took the opportunity for toning down the
    private/protected method colors, because before they were green and
    yellow, now they're both "muted terminal blue"
    Without the ability to really get in and really distinguish colors (e.g.
    using 256 colors), giving "protected" such a loud color seems wrong.
    Before recoloring:
      #813 (comment)
      #813 (comment)
  2. @rking

    Add Pry.auto_resize! to respond to width changes.

    rking committed with
    - Opt-in because we aren't sure where it doesn't work
    - Not Coolline-aware
    - Otherwise a big improvement
  3. @rking

    Bump version (it was conflicted anyway)

    rking committed with
  4. @banister
  5. @banister

    Fix Pry.run_command

    banister committed
    The problem was that Pry#rep() no longer works on its own, it's
    necessary to use Pry#repl() instead. This is because many new API, like
    Pry::CodeObject.lookup now get the target binding directly from the _pry_ instance
    (Pry#current_context), rather than requiring it to be passed in
    separately. This saves us a parameter.
    The reason Pry#rep doesnt work with Pry::CodeObject.lookup (and so
    show-source/show-doc etc) is that the binding_stack is only set up in
    Pry#repl_prologue, and it is the binding_stack (via Pry#current_context)
    that is accessed by Pry::CodeObject and pals.
  6. @banister

    gist: re-add 'jist' gem dependency with :requires_gem

    banister committed
    Oops, forgetting this meant that 'gist' command would error out with
    ugly messages rather than prompting the user to 'install-command'
  7. @kyrylo

    Command: fix typo in comments

    kyrylo committed
Commits on Jan 16, 2013
  1. @banister bugfix for windows

    banister committed
    minor bug fix for gist on windows, rescuing Jist::ClipboardError
    rather than letting the scary error spill out to users and potentially
    have them think the gist didnt post.
  2. @banister
  3. @banister

    updated CHANGELOG for

    banister committed
  4. @banister

    v0.9.11.1 bugfix

    banister committed
    * forgot to remove 'no_arg' from Pry::Command::CodeCollector, this method no longer exists
    and so 'gist' (when not given any params) would break. Replaced no_arg with empty string ""
    so that 'gist' gists current object/method by default.
  5. @banister

    Version 0.9.11 release

    banister committed
    Final adjustments made to CHANGELOG and CONTRIBUTORS
  6. @banister
  7. @kyrylo
Commits on Jan 15, 2013
  1. @kyrylo

    Remove "notes.yml"

    kyrylo committed
  2. @banister

    turn Pry.config.collision_warnings back off

    banister committed
    This was a horrible mistake, it's stupidly annoying
    * in the case of 'rake pry' it warngs every time we do 'cd' (since 'cd' is a top-levle method
      defined by rake)
    That's all i can think of right now, but that's still annoying enough.
  3. @banister

    Thread.current -> Pry.current

    banister committed
  4. @banister

    Add deprecated_commands API

    banister committed
    And rewrite edit-method / show-command to use this API.
  5. @banister

    gist: Use Pry::CodeCollector (like play/save-file)

    banister committed
    This enables a simplified UI, i.e: gist my_file.rb instead of gist -f my_file.rb
    and `gist my_method` instead of `gist -m my_method`. Unfortunately, we had to kill our
    tests in the process of doing this (gist_spec.rb is just commented out) - however since play
    and save-file have tests and they use the same Pry::CodeCollector object 'gist' is indirectly
    tested. Nonetheless, we should re-add tests at some point
  6. @banister

    edit: ensure 'edit --ex' always edits the exception

    banister committed
    There was a bug where if 'edit --ex' was invoked in a patched method context
    it would instead to the equivalent of 'edit --method' (patching the current method
    rather than the exception)
  7. @banister

    Pry::Command::CodeCollector: add #file attribute

    banister committed
    This allows callers to know that CC is working on a file rather than ruby code.
Commits on Jan 14, 2013
  1. @banister

    save-file passes on windows :D

    banister committed
  2. @kyrylo

    Update hist command to the new Slop API

    kyrylo committed
    It was creating a new Slop instance for its own needs, thus and so
    remove the previous abstraction for Slop commands. The
    `ClassCommand::Options` class should be removed because we don't need it
  3. @kyrylo
  4. @kyrylo

    Update relevant tests in "command_spec.rb"

    kyrylo committed
    Make them use the new Slop syntax.
  5. @kyrylo

    Remove old subcommands cruft

    kyrylo committed
      * use a plain old Slop instance instead of `Options`;
      * remove `ClassCommand::Options` and its tests;
      * add clearer subcommand example (for `Command#subcommand` method);
      * refactor `ClassCommand#slop`;
      * refactor `ClassCommand#complete`.
    Slop v3.4.0 has introduced full-featured subcommands. There is no need
    in Pry specific code anymore.
  6. @kyrylo

    [GEM] Depend on Slop "~> 3.4"

    kyrylo committed
    Slop v3.4.0 includes new syntax for subcommands. And we're going to
    utilise it.
  7. @kyrylo
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