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Commits on Dec 30, 2012
  1. @rf-

    Update gemspec

    rf- authored
  2. @rf-
Commits on Dec 29, 2012
  1. @rf-
  2. @rf-

    Remove mysterious assertion

    rf- authored
  3. @rf-
  4. @rf-

    Fix YARD warning

    rf- authored
  5. @rf-
  6. @rf-
  7. @rf-
  8. @rf-
  9. @ConradIrwin

    Re-instate linewise saver

    ConradIrwin authored
  10. @ConradIrwin
  11. @ConradIrwin

    Remove unused method

    ConradIrwin authored
  12. @ConradIrwin

    write to history incrementally

    ConradIrwin authored
    This makes it less essential for drivers to finalize the pry instance.
  13. @ConradIrwin

    Docstrings for Pry::REPL

    ConradIrwin authored
  14. @ConradIrwin

    Use correct_indent not auto_indent...

    ConradIrwin authored
    Prior to this change, when auto_indent was set to true for some tests,
    the green dots would be cleared half-way through.
    We should probably re-consider these options, but it seems useful to
    explicitly disable ANSI code rewriting during specs while leaving
    indentation mutating read lines (before this change, there was a bug
    in REPL that did not manifest because auto_indent was false).
Commits on Dec 28, 2012
  1. @ConradIrwin
  2. @ConradIrwin

    Rename loop to rep

    ConradIrwin authored
  3. @ConradIrwin
  4. @ConradIrwin
  5. @ConradIrwin

    Make interactive? explicit

    ConradIrwin authored
  6. @ConradIrwin

    Fix Ctrl-D in nested pry's

    ConradIrwin authored
    I'm not convinced this is the correct fix, but it seems to mostly
    preserve existing behaviour.
  7. @ConradIrwin

    Merge branch 'master' into wip.refactor

    ConradIrwin authored
  8. @ConradIrwin
  9. @rf-

    Rename `retrieve_line` to `read`

    rf- authored
  10. @rf-

    Rename `repl` to `loop`

    rf- authored
  11. @rf-

    Rename `accept_line` to `eval`

    rf- authored
  12. @rf-

    Various doc tweaks

    rf- authored
  13. @rf-
  14. @rf-
  15. @rf-
  16. @rf-

    Fix `@backtace` typo, add spec

    rf- authored
  17. @rf-
  18. @rf-

    Fix Regexp warnings on 1.8.7

    rf- authored
Commits on Dec 27, 2012
  1. @rf-
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