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Commits on Jan 28, 2013
  1. @rf-
  2. @rf-

    Minor refactoring of #repl

    rf- committed
  3. @rf-

    Factor out fix_indentation

    rf- committed
  4. @rf-

    Pass prompt into read from repl

    rf- committed
  5. @rf-
  6. @rf-
  7. @rf-

    Remove Coolline special-casing

    rf- committed
  8. @rf-
  9. @rf-
  10. @rf-

    Add ruby-head to Travis

    rf- committed
  11. @rf-

    Better fix for 28afdd5

    rf- committed
    That solution doesn't work on MRI 1.8.
Commits on Jan 27, 2013
  1. @rf-

    Add regression test for 28afdd5

    rf- committed
  2. @rf-

    Always pass `inherit` param to `Module#constants`

    rf- committed
    This fixes the `ls Module` case, because it makes the singleton method
    `Module.constants` call the instance method. :notes:
  3. @ConradIrwin
  4. @kyrylo

    Helpers::tablify: fix FloatDomainError

    kyrylo committed
    Before this commit the following snippet didn't work:
      pry(main)> Pry::Helpers.tablify(['foobar', 'baz'], 5)
      #=> FloatDomainError
    There was a divison by zero in `Helpers::Table#_recolumn`.
    The problem is incorrectly written `until` loop condition. Note that the
    longest element in the array has 6 characters. But the second argument
    tells `::tablify` that the line width is only 5 characters long.
    This commit changes the condition. Now, if you run the same snippet, you
    would see that the elements form one column (and the code doesn't blow
    up your program).
    Possibly, in the described case, the table has unwanted blanks. However,
    I'm not very competent in the code, so I'd better not touch it, because
    it works.
Commits on Jan 26, 2013
  1. @kyrylo

    Pager: use TerminalInfo API for `::page_size`

    kyrylo committed
    Fix issue #829 (NoMethodError: undefined method `winsize'
    for #<IO:<STDOUT>>, The Same Error as #549 But On The Latest Version
Commits on Jan 25, 2013
  1. @kyrylo

    Command: replace `Slop::parse` with `Slop::new`

    kyrylo committed
    Fix issue #828 (bizarre option parsing bug)
    > commands like hist and friends behave differently when -r option is
    > passed to the pry executable, this is really weird, see here:
  2. @ConradIrwin
Commits on Jan 24, 2013
  1. @rf-

    Merge pull request #824 from amanelis/gemspec-license

    rf- committed
    Added license to config in gemspec
  2. @amanelis
  3. @kyrylo
  4. @kyrylo


    kyrylo committed
    Fix issue #817 (DEPRECATED: Use `edit` instead.)
    Rename `CommandSet#deprecated_command` to `#disabled_command`. Rename
    the file in "commands/", too.
  5. @kyrylo

    SimplePager: take into account the info bar

    kyrylo committed
    Fix issue #786 (SimplePager is a bit neglectful)
    The info bar takes exactly 3 lines.
Commits on Jan 20, 2013
  1. @banister

    add Pry.last_internal_error

    banister committed
    This is set to the last CommandError, SlopError, etc. Most often
    raised by commands. This info is useful to pry devs debugging
    otherwise opaque command errors.
Commits on Jan 19, 2013
  1. @banister

    pager.rb: Ensure we explicitly rescue LoadError

    banister committed
    a bare 'rescue' will not catch a LoadError
  2. @epitron @banister

    Some fixes to the pager.

    epitron committed with banister
    We didn't send any flags to the pager, as a result ansi codes
    were not applied unless the user had properly set up their LESS
    env variable. This was often not the case, resulting in broken
    and ugly output. This commit sends along the proper flags whenever
    we use the pager, regardless of the user's LESS variable
Commits on Jan 18, 2013
  1. @ConradIrwin
  2. @ConradIrwin

    Merge branch 'wip.refactor'

    ConradIrwin committed
  3. @banister

    version bugix release

    banister committed
    * fix Pry.run_command
    * improve `ls` output
    * add :requires_gem => "jist" to 'gist' command (so deps can be installed
    	via install-command)
    * improve help for 'edit' command
  4. @banister

    improve help for 'edit' command

    banister committed
  5. @banister

    Fix failing specs on ree/ruby18

    banister committed
    We put a conditional around tests so that we skip those those using
    show-source (namely the one in run_command_spec.rb) on ree/ruby18
Commits on Jan 17, 2013
  1. @rking

    Adjusting ls output for voluminous output

    rking committed with
    The previous table output was geared mostly for `ls _pry_`, which isn't
    a common of hierarchy. After feedback from users such as @envygeeks, we
    found a few tweaks that would help the really-small layers such as those
    found in Rails or in small classes, namely:
    - Rolling it up onto one line, if possible
    - Highlighting the heading in the colors familiar to users of GNU ls for
      "directory" style
    Additionally, I took the opportunity for toning down the
    private/protected method colors, because before they were green and
    yellow, now they're both "muted terminal blue"
    Without the ability to really get in and really distinguish colors (e.g.
    using 256 colors), giving "protected" such a loud color seems wrong.
    Before recoloring:
      #813 (comment)
      #813 (comment)
  2. @rking

    Add Pry.auto_resize! to respond to width changes.

    rking committed with
    - Opt-in because we aren't sure where it doesn't work
    - Not Coolline-aware
    - Otherwise a big improvement
  3. @rking

    Bump version (it was conflicted anyway)

    rking committed with
  4. @banister
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