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epitron commented Nov 22, 2011

The plugins are currently not very well integrated.

These would help a lot:

  • plugin command:
    • plugin list
    • plugin install
    • plugin remove/uninstall (note: this would require a restart -- but if pry had a client/server mode, you could restart the pry client and then reconnect to the process you're prying on without losing your pry session)
  • help groups the commands by the plugin that they come from (eg: put a coloured header above each commandset w/ the plugin name)

envygeeks commented Nov 26, 2011

I love the idea of selective plugin loading, it would fix a lot of multi-user situations.


epitron commented Nov 26, 2011

Ah yes... "plugin disable" would be great.

This feature depends on the ability to save "settings". I came up with a good implementation here: #81

It didn't have any supporters when I first proposed it -- I'm still not sure why. However, as pry gets more complicated, it should become evident why it's so important.


banister commented Nov 27, 2011

@envygeeks, the multi-user issue can be resolved by using your local .pryrc for customizations


envygeeks commented Nov 27, 2011

@banister tis a subjective assumption that each user has their own staging area :P


epitron commented Nov 27, 2011

@banister: Remember, with "set", you don't have to restart pry, while with .pryrc you do. Apps that don't have to be restarted are far more enjoyable to use. See:


banister commented Nov 19, 2012

duplicate of #663

banister closed this Nov 19, 2012

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