It would be cool to have mv and cp as commands #664

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To move and copy locals to other bindings.


Interesting, can you give an example of how this would work?

kyrylo commented Jul 24, 2012

Probably something like this:

pry(main)> @foo = 10
pry(main)> cd 1
pry(main):1> cp ../@foo ./
pry(main):1> ls -i
instance variables: @foo
pry(main):1> cd
pry(main)> ls -i
instance variables: @foo

If so, to tell the truth, I don't see a use of this.

kyrylo commented Jul 28, 2012

@TreyLawrence, explain what you meant, please.


@kyrylo, You pretty much explained it already. I thought it would be a cool feature, and I've already run into a few situations where I needed to switch scope, and thus abandon any locals that I've created. This can be frustrating, especially when it's a local that takes many lines to initialize.


I think this should not be in pry itself. You can add the "cp" command to your ~/.pryrc with:

Pry::Commands.create_command "cp" do
  description "Move a variable from a different scope into this one"

  banner <<-BANNER
    Usage: cp ../f

    Copies f from the frame above to this one.

  def process
    binding_path, var_name = arg_string.split(%r{/(?=[^/]*)\z})
    stack, _ = context_from_object_path(binding_path, _pry_, state.old_stack)

    Thread[:pry_cd_tmp] = stack.last.eval(var_name)
    target.last.eval("#{var_name} = Thread[:pry_cd_tmp]")
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