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Ensure pry --simple-prompt (and other flags) gets precedence over prompt defined in .pryrc #670

robin850 opened this Issue Jul 25, 2012 · 3 comments

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related to #667. I just open this issue as a kind of reminder in order to improve the pry configuration.

cc @banister

Thank you, have a nice day. :)

EDIT: as stated by @kyrylo below, this applies to all our flags (including --no-color). Pry executable flags should override settings in .pryrc (but they currently do not)


Why not create a predicate method like rc_loaded? which return the value of an accessor like rc_loaded. Then edit the load_rc method to set a value on the previous accessor (true if it's correctly loaded and false if it isn't). Finally, do the same for the local rc files.

If this solution looks good, I can eventually submit a pull request if you want ?

pry member
kyrylo commented Aug 26, 2012

That is probably a duplicate: #693

@rf- rf- removed this from the 0.9.11 milestone Apr 29, 2014
@rf- rf- added the bug label Apr 29, 2014
richo commented Mar 26, 2015

This should be able to be closed now.

@kyrylo kyrylo closed this Mar 26, 2015
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