Feature Request: Parameter/Argument Information #676

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i believe that this would increase productivity for any ruby programmer
see http://bpython-interpreter.org/screenshots/ --> second screenshot

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For those who are lazy, this is the screenshot in question:


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Hi, bpython is able to cleanly display this information because it's using the curses console library. We don't yet use curses, and providing this feature may require a complete rewrite of our front end. There are also downsides to using curses, notably windows support gets dropped (or compromised).

We'll probably (or hopefully someone else will) build a curses front-end for Pry, but for reasons of portability (i.e windows friendliness) i don't think it'll be part of our standard distribution


i see, so it's still possible to give parameter information? maybe if without curses would be something like this

[1] pry(main)> x = []
=> []
[2] pry(main)> x.push #--> press tab
  Array.push(obj, ... )   -> Array
Append---Pushes the given object(s) on to the end of this array. This
expression returns the array itself, so several appends may be chained
[2] pry(main)> x.push
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@kiswono-prayogo That's not possible with Readline unfortunately, it might be possible with the readline alternative pry-coolline, but we'd have to ask @Mon-Ouie about that :P

@banister banister closed this Nov 19, 2012
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