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find-ref command #779

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Let's say you have an object that you know is getting referenced, but you have no clue by what thing.

find-ref x

Bonus points if it doesn't also show the x being passed in.

search_space = local_vars + + all_ivars + all_constants + all_globals + ObjectSpace.each_object(Proc) { |p| p.binding }


I recommend closing this issue because of it's age.


Played with the idea a little bit ( but it seems like this will be super fragile:

  • This finds closures (capture the local) and objects (capture the ivar) but we can see did not find itself, for that, I think we have to look at stack frames. And I don't know of any way to do that from Ruby-land
  • Any object that doesn't store its data in an ivar will need something explicitly written to handle this (e.g. Array, Hash, Struct, etc)
  • It's pretty heavy (iterates through ObjectSpace multiple times)
  • It's inherently prone to certain bugs (ie if it could traverse stack frame, it would find itself)
  • We could maybe use some of Ruby's methods to get it more reliable ( but even the docs say it's experimental and MRI only. Plus, some playing around with it found some pretty serious hurdles

I like the idea a lot (anything to demystify the Object web), but think it would be better to wait for someone to implement this finding functionality independently of Pry, then reconsider.

pry member

I implemented with a patch to ruby (described Using reachable_objects_from and the approach used there to discard references kept by the library itself is probably feasible, but should probably be implemented as a plugin not in core pry (as it would be MRI only)


Thaaaaat is fucking cool!

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