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Alias for the --simple-prompt mode #667

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It's just a little pull request which provides an alias for the --simple-prompt option. It's a bit of a pain to switch the prompt mode because we have to call

$ pry -f --simple-prompt

command to set the simple-prompt mode. Here, we just have to call:

$ pry -p

Have a nice day.


This pull request passes (merged 901fad9 into 49867f3).

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I understand the idea, but at first blush it seems a bit much to disable all of .pryrc just because you want to use the simple prompt. Instead of this, maybe we could make --simple-prompt apply after .pryrc is loaded, how does that sound?



I have tried to call the load_rc and load_local_rc methods but it doesn't work. What method should I use to wait the rc file(s) to be loaded please ? (sorry)

on :p, "simple-prompt", "Enable simple prompt mode" do
  Pry.config.prompt = Pry::SIMPLE_PROMPT
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@robin850 nothing. This requires restructuring in the config system, can you file an issue about this and i'll fix it later ? (i think it's a bit difficult for a 3rd party to fix it without knowing some details about the config system:P)

Make the issue heading "ensure pry --simple-prompt gets precedence over prompt defined in .pryrc"

THat's your issue right? you're defining a prompt in your .pryc file whichis taking precedence over --simple-prompt, right?


For me it's right. With the -p flag it's the simple prompt mode and without, it takes my custom prompt located in the ~/.pryrc file. Sorry, I can't help you for the fixes you will make in the configuration.

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moved to #670

@banister banister closed this Jul 25, 2012
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