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Using the pry-remote gem we can start Pry remotely and connect to it using DRb. This allows us to access the state of the running program from anywhere.

This also makes Pry usable with tools such as Pow.


gem install pry-remote


Here's a program starting pry-remote, we simply use binding.remote_pry instead of the normal binding.pry:

    require 'pry-remote'

    class Foo
      def initialize(x, y)
    end 10, 20

Running it will prompt you with a message telling you Pry is waiting for a program to connect itself to it:

 [pry-remote] Waiting for client on drb://localhost:9876

You can then connect yourself using the pry-remote executable:

$ pry-remote
From: example.rb @ line 7 in Foo#initialize:
     3: require 'pry-remote'
     5: class Foo
     6:   def initialize(x, y)
 =>  7:     binding.remote_pry
     8:   end
     9: end
    11: 10, 20
pry(#<Foo:0x00000000d9b5e8>):1> self
=> #<Foo:0x1efb3b0>
pry(#<Foo:0x00000001efb3b0>):1> ls -l
_  _dir_  _ex_  _file_  _in_  _out_  _pry_  x  y
pry(#<Foo:0x00000001efb3b0>):1> ^D


Paging is turned off. Tab completion does not work.

The edit command will not work for terminal editors; and will not work at all when the DRb client/server reside on different computers.

These limitations will be addressed in later releases.


pry-remote is a project by Mon Ouie. See the actual project page here.

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