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Setting up Rails or Heroku to use Pry

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This page will show you how to configure your Rails application to use Pry instead of IRB.

With Pry in your Gemfile.

  • Rails2
    ./script/console --irb=pry

  • Rails3
    Add the following as a initializer - it provides you with access to the entire Rails stack, and all the useful Rails3 console helpers. After the initializer is in place, you can go ahead and load the console normally using rails console.

MyApplication::Application.configure do
  # Use Pry instead of IRB
  silence_warnings do
      require 'pry'
      IRB = Pry
    rescue LoadError

Without Pry in your Gemfile.

To have access to the entire Rails stack, with access to helpful Rails console commands such as reload!, you can use this snippet (placing in your ~/.pryrc file):

# Load plugins (only those I whitelist)
Pry.config.should_load_plugins = false

# Launch Pry with access to the entire Rails stack.
# If you have Pry in your Gemfile, you can pass: ./script/console --irb=pry instead.
# If you don't, you can load it through the lines below :)
rails = File.join Dir.getwd, 'config', 'environment.rb'

if File.exist?(rails) && ENV['SKIP_RAILS'].nil?
  require rails

  if Rails.version[0..0] == "2"
    require 'console_app'
    require 'console_with_helpers'
  elsif Rails.version[0..0] == "3"
    require 'rails/console/app'
    require 'rails/console/helpers'
    warn "[WARN] cannot load Rails console commands (Not on Rails2 or Rails3?)"

It will boot the Rails environment by loading RAILS_ROOT/config/environment.rb, and then load any helper commands Rails provides you with. This is a solution you can use for Rails2, or Rails3.

After you've setup the .pryrc file, you can invoke Pry normally in the root of your Rails project, with the added bonus that the Rails stack is loaded for you, plus all the useful helper console commands:

$ pry

With the pry-rails plugin (Rails >= 3 only)

This is a gem which causes rails console to open pry

Add this line to your gemfile:

gem 'pry-rails', :group => :development

bundle install and enjoy!

See the pry-rails project page for more information.

With ~/.irbrc file

This approach simply piggy-backs on IRB. If you're using a Gemfile, you should add gem 'pry', :group => :development to it.

This technique is discussed in more depth here.

  • Just add the lines below into your ~/.irbrc file.
  require "pry"
rescue LoadError => e
  warn "=> Unable to load pry"

On Heroku

To convince Heroku to use Pry as the console instead of IRB create a file called pry in your app root and then add the following to the file:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# To launch push this into your Git then do:
# heroku run console pry
# heroku console pry
require 'pry'

After you have the above, commit it and push it, and then you can do heroku run console pry

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