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misc_log_porter: Export logs from any filesystem
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misc_log_porter: Export logs from any filesystem

This container is based on the balabit/syslog-ng image and has the sole purpose of exporting logs from a shared volume or filesystem.


Steps to build this image:

docker build -t misc_log_porter .


Testing this image is pretty simple:

docker run --rm --name misc_log_porter -d -v ${PWD}/test:/var/log/test -v syslog-persist:/var/lib/syslog-ng/ misc_log_porter
docker logs misc_log_porter
docker stop misc_log_porter
docker volume rm syslog-persist


To run this image with with persistent data, base_dir, and log_pattern, run the following:

docker run -d -v ${PWD}/test:/var/log/test -e BASE_DIR=/var/log/test -e LOG_PATTERN='*log' -e RECURSIVE=no -v syslog-persist:/var/lib/syslog-ng/ pryorda/misc_log_porter

Environment Variables

varible default description
LOG_PATTERN *log Syslog-ng wildcard-file pattern: Refer to docs
BASE_DIR /var/log This is the directory syslog will be searching against the pattern
RECURSIVE no Recursively look in child directories (yes or no)


Daniel Pryor pryorda

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