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Reuseable module for terraform proxmox vm resource
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Module terraform-proxmox-virtual-machine is a universal module that can be used to deploy proxmox virtual machines from a Linux-based template based off of a cloud img. Link: Proxmox Cloud-Init Support

This makes use of the following resources and data sources within the Terraform Proxmox Provider:

In order to use this module, ensure that you have configured the Proxmox provider as per the instructions seen Terraform Proxmox Provider.

Usage Example:

module "virtual_machines" {
  source          = ""
  datastore       = "${var.datastore}"
  disk_size       = "${var.disk_size}"
  dns_server      = "${var.dns_server}"
  domain_name     = "${var.domain_name}"
  memory          = "${var.memory}"
  num_cores       = "${var.num_cores}"
  network_bridge  = "${var.network_bridge}"
  vm_count        = "${var.vm_count}"
  vm_name_prefix  = "${local.vm_name_prefix}"
  template_name   = "${var.template_name}"
  resource_pool   = "${var.resource_pool}"


Name Description Type Default Required
datastore The Storage Pool to deploy the virtual machines to. string - yes
disk_format The virtual disk format. raw, qcow2, vmdk string raw no
disk_size The amount of disk space to assign to each VM. string 40 no
dns_server The DNS server to assign to each virtual machine. string - no
domain_name The domain of the virtual machine. This is added as the domain name on Linux, and to the DNS domain search list on both Linux and Windows. string no
memory The amount of memory, in MB, to assign each virtual machine. number 1024 no
network_bridge The network to deploy virtual machines to. string - no
num_cores The number of cores to assign each virtual machine. number 2 no
num_sockets The number of sockets to assign each virtual machine. number 1 no
qemu_agent Whether the qemu_agent is running or not. number 0 no
resource_pool The resource pool to deploy the virtual machines to. string - yes
ssh_public_key The public key location for authentication string ~/.ssh/ no
target_node The node to deploy the virtual machine to. string - yes
template_name The template to clone virtual machines from. Leave this blank when creating a virtual machine from scratch. string `` no
vm_count The number of virtual machines to create. string 1 no
vm_name_prefix The prefix to use for virtual machines created with this module. string 'example-vm' no


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