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Creates a ubuntu image using a remote host or vcenter
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A lot of this is from boxcutter -


  1. Packer
  2. Ruby and rbvmomi (apt install -y ruby reby-dev && gem install rbvmomi)
  3. Remote ESX host to build image on
  4. Update firewall rules on node:
  5. Enable GuestIP: esxcli system settings advanced set -o /Net/GuestIPHack -i 1
  6. copy ssh key to host:/etc/key-${USERNAME}/authorized_keys


Set required environment variables

export VMWARE_SSH_PASSWORD='password!'
export VMWARE_SSH_USER='root'
export PACKER_UBUNTU_PASSWORD='password'

To create the 16.04 image, run './ && ./registervm.rb'

To change the provisioning of the image, update 'script/'


The script has 5 steps. They are:

  1. Download ISO to packer_cache on remote host
  2. Create VM
  3. Run the from "scripts": [] in ubuntu.json
  4. Shrink disk
  5. Register with vmware with specific version (This is now done via registervm.rb)
  6. ToDo Clean Up: Dangling Resources
  7. Currently you have to convert the tempate to a vm, bump the compatibility, and back to a template to get it to work with terraform cloning. I will update the registervm.rb to handle this at somepoint


The output will be in datastore tools/output-build dir and will be registered as build vm


  1. Recreate vagrant Resources
  2. Automate the provisioning.
  3. Make everything smarter.
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