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@prestonvanloon prestonvanloon released this 04 Oct 17:49
· 2765 commits to develop since this release


This release is the largest release of Prysm to date. v2.0.0 includes support for the upcoming Altair hard fork on the mainnet Ethereum Beacon Chain.
This release consists of 380 changes to support Altair, improve performance of phase0 beacon nodes, and various bug fixes from v1.4.4.

Upgrading From v1

Please update your beacon node to v2.0.0 prior to updating your validator. The beacon node can serve requests to a v1.4.4 validator, however a v2.0.0 validator will not start against a v1.4.4 beacon node. If you're operating a highly available beacon chain service, ensure that all of your beacon nodes are updated to v2.0.0 before starting the upgrade on your validators.


  • Full Altair support. Learn more about Altair.
  • Added bootnodes from the Nimbus team. #9656
  • Revamped slasher implementation. The slasher functionality is no longer a standalone binary. Slasher functionality is available from the beacon node with the --slasher flag. Note: Running the slasher has considerably increased resource requirements. Be sure to review the latest documentation before enabling this feature. This feature is experimental. #8331
  • Support for standard JSON API in the beacon node. Prysm validators continue to use Prysm's API. #7510
  • Configurable subnet peer requirements. Increased minimum desired peers per subnet from 4 to 6. This can be modified with --minimum-peers-per-subnet in the beacon node. #9657.
  • Support for go build on darwin_arm64 devices (Mac M1 chips). Cross compiling for darwin_arm64 is not yet supported. #9600.
  • Batch verification of pubsub objects. This should improve pubsub processing performance on multithreaded machines. #9344
  • Improved attestation pruning. This feature should improve block proposer performance and overall network attestation inclusion rates. Opt-out with --disable-correctly-prune-canonical-atts in the beacon node. #9444
  • Active balance cache to improve epoch processing. Opt-out with --disable-active-balance-cache #9567
  • Experimental database improvements to reduce history state entry space usage in the beaconchain.db. This functionality can be permanently enabled with the flag --enable-historical-state-representation. Enabling this feature can realize a 25% improvement in space utilization for the average user , while 70 -80% for power users(archival node operators). Note: once this feature is toggled on, it modifies the structure of the database with a migration and cannot be rolled back. This feature is experimental and should only be used in non-serving beacon nodes in case of database corruption or other critical issue. #8954

New Metrics

Beacon chain node

Metric Description References
p2p_message_ignored_validation_total Count of messages that were ignored in validation #9538
beacon_current_active_validators Current total active validators #9623
beacon_processed_deposits_total Total number of deposits processed #9623
sync_head_state_miss The number of sync head state requests that are not present in the cache #9422
sync_head_state_hit The number of sync head state requests that are present in the cache #9422
total_effective_balance_cache_miss The number of get requests that are not present in the cache #9456
total_effective_balance_cache_hit The number of get requests that are present in the cache #9456
sync_committee_index_cache_miss_total The number of committee requests that aren't present in the sync committee index cache #9317
sync_committee_index_cache_hit_total The number of committee requests that are present in the sync committee index cache #9317
next_slot_cache_hit The number of cache hits on the next slot state cache #8357
next_slot_cache_miss The number of cache misses on the next slot state cache #8357
validator_entry_cache_hit_total The number of cache hits on the validator entry cache #9155 #9310
validator_entry_cache_miss_total The number of cache misses on the validator entry cache #9155 #9310
validator_entry_cache_delete_total The number of cache deletes on the validator entry cache #9310
saved_sync_committee_message_total The number of saved sync committee message total #9203
saved_sync_committee_contribution_total The number of saved sync committee contribution total #9203
libp2p_peers Tracks the total number of libp2p peers #9623
p2p_status_message_missing The number of attempts the connection handler rejects a peer for a missing status message #9505
p2p_sync_committee_subnet_recovered_broadcasts The number of sync committee messages that were attempted to be broadcast with no peers on the subnet #9390
p2p_sync_committee_subnet_attempted_broadcasts The number of sync committees that were attempted to be broadcast #9390
p2p_subscribed_topic_peer_total The number of peers subscribed to topics that a host node is also subscribed to #9538
saved_orphaned_att_total Count the number of times an orphaned attestation is saved #9442


  • Much refactoring of "util" packages into more canonical packages. Please review Prysm package structure and godocs.
  • Altair object keys in beacon-chain/db/kv are prefixed with "altair". BeaconBlocks and BeaconStates are the only objects affected by database key changes for Altair. This affects any third party tooling directly querying Prysm's beaconchain.db.
  • Updated Teku bootnodes. #9656
  • Updated Lighthouse bootnodes. #9656
  • End to end testing now collects jaeger spans #9341
  • Improvements to experimental peer quality scoring. This feature is only enabled with --enable-peer-scorer. #8794
  • Validator performance logging behavior has changed in Altair. Post-Altair hardfork has the following changes: Inclusion distance and inclusion slots will no longer be displayed. Correctly voted target will only be true if also included within 32 slots. Correctly voted head will only be true if the attestation was included in the next slot. Correctly voted source will only be true if attestation is included within 5 slots. Inactivity score will be displayed. #9589
  • Increased pubsub message queue size from 256 to 600 to support larger networks and higher message volume. #9702
  • The default attestation aggregation changed to the improved optimized max cover algorithm. #9684 #8365
  • Prysm is passing spectests at v1.1.0 (latest available release). #9680
  • --subscribe-all-subnets will subscribe to all attestation subnets and sync subnets in post-altair hard fork #9631.
  • "eth2" is now an illegal term. If you say it or type it then something bad might happen. #9425
  • Improved cache hit ratio for validator entry cache. #9310
  • Reduced memory overhead during database migrations. #9298
  • Improvements to beacon state writes to database. #9291

Changed Metrics

Beacon chain node

Metric Old Name Description References
beacon_reorgs_total beacon_reorg_total Count the number of times a beacon chain has a reorg #9623


These flags are hidden from the help text and no longer modify the behavior of Prysm. These flags should be removed from user runtime configuration as the flags will eventually be removed entirely and Prysm will fail to start if a deleted or unknown flag is provided.

  • --enable-active-balance-cache #9567
  • --correctly-prune-canonical-atts #9576
  • --correctly-insert-orphaned-atts #9575
  • --enable-next-slot-state-cache #9602


Note: Removed flags will block starting up with an error "flag provided but not defined:".
Please check that you are not using any of the removed flags in this section!

  • Prysm's standalone slasher application (cmd/slasher) has been fully removed. Use the --slasher flag with a beacon chain node for full slasher functionality.
  • --disable-blst (beacon node and validator). blst is the only BLS library offered for Prysm.
  • --disable-sync-backtracking and --enable-sync-backtracking (beacon node). This feature has been released for some time. See #7734.
  • --diable-pruning-deposit-proofs (beacon node). This feature has been released for some time. See #7504.
  • --disable-eth1-data-majority-vote (beacon node). This feature is no longer in use in Prysm. See #6766, #8298.
  • --proposer-atts-selection-using-max-cover (beacon node). This feature has been released for some time. See #8353.
  • --update-head-timely (beacon node). This feature was released in v1.4.4. See #8412.
  • --enable-optimized-balance-update (beacon node). This feature was released in v1.4.4. See #9225.
  • Kafka support is no longer available in the beacon node. This functionality was never fully completed and did not fulfill many desirable use cases. This removed the flag --kafka-url (beacon node). See #9470.
  • Removed tools/faucet. Use the faucet in prysmaticlabs/periphery if operating a testnet faucet server.
  • Tooling for prior testnet contracts has been removed. Any of the old testnet contracts with drain() function have been removed as well. #9637
  • Toledo tesnet config is removed.
  • Removed --eth-api-port (beacon node). All APIs interactions have been moved to --grpc-gateway-port. See #9640.


  • Database lock contention improved in block database operations. #9428
  • JSON API now returns an error when unknown fields are provided. #9710
  • Correctly return epoch_transition field in head JSON API events stream. #9668 #9704
  • Various fixes in standard JSON API #9649
  • Finalize deposits before initializing the beacon node. This may improve missed proposals #9639 #9610
  • JSON API returns header "Content-Length" 0 when returning an empty JSON object. #9531 #9540
  • Initial sync fixed when there is a very long period of missing blocks. #9450 #9452
  • Fixed log statement when a web3 endpoint failover occurs. #9272
  • Windows prysm.bat is fixed #9266 #9260


  • You MUST update to v2.0.0 or later release before epoch 74240 or your client will fork off from the rest of the network.
  • Prysm's JWT library has been updated to a maintained version of the previous JWT library. JWTs are only used in the UI. #9357

Please review our newly updated security reporting policy.