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Midao JDBC 0.9.0 RC (May 31, 2013)

  • Java 1.5/1.6 support with one jar.
  • Functional tests with older JDBC drivers.
  • C3P0 pooled datasource support.
  • Removal of one and only strict dependency - slf4j. Now it is optional: if it is present in classpath - it would be used, otherwise Java logging would be used.
  • Minor changes in Maven pom.xml files.
  • Removed some old code and fixed issue related to it.

Midao JDBC 0.9.1 RC (June 6, 2013)

  • Needed to clarify that midao - is not a library, but midao-jdbc - is. Therefore renamed packages(org.midao.core->org.midao.jdbc.core) and updated module/file names
  • Added Microsoft SQL support for both JDBC3 and JDBC4.
  • Added Microsoft SQL functional tests (20+).
  • Base statement handler improvements.
  • Base type handler improvements: now allows processing of output InputStream/Reader.
  • Introduction (technically rewrite) of new type handler. It is called Universal type handler as it is supported by both JDBC3/JDBC4 and MsSql, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
  • BaseMetadataHandler enhancement.
  • QueryParameters enhancement.
  • QueryRunner, BaseTypeHandler and QueryParameters test update.
  • Now system is more flexible: if metadata report 'return' field but it wasn't utilized in SQL String - system won't demand that field to be supplied (as out parameter). Applicable only for call with named input handler.
  • Improvements to TypeHandler utils.

Midao JDBC 0.9.2 RC (June 20, 2013)

  • Implemented Spring Exception handler. It includes all three types: JDBC4 exception translator, vendor independent sql state prefix translator and vendor specific translation
  • Implemented Lazy Statement handler, introduces new type of output handlers: Lazy type handlers. Currently only read-only forward mode is supported. Updatable and scrollable mode would be implemented in future versions.
  • Added extensive unit tests for Spring Exception handler.
  • Added MetadataUtils. In future it is planned to move more functions there from BaseMetadataHandler.
  • Small changes to ExceptionUtils and it's unit tests.
  • Small changes to Base Exception handler and it's unit test.
  • Minor changes in AbstractQueryRunner. Now it attaches Exception handler instance per QueryRunner as it does with Metadata/Transaction/Type../ handlers.
  • Base/Universal Statement handler improvements.
  • Query output processor minor modifications.
  • Addition of few functional tests across all databases.
  • Introduction of LazyStatementHandler. It is now default choice for statement handling.
  • Introduction of two LazyOutputHandlers: BeanListLazyOutputHandler and MapListLazyOutputHandler (can be used only with LazyStatementHandler).
  • QueryParameters minor improvement (now allows to store processed output(return)).
  • Basic output handler minor improvements.
  • Few other small changes...

Midao JDBC 0.9.3 (July 21, 2013)

Midao JDBC 0.9.4 (August 1, 2013)

Midao JDBC 0.9.5 (October, 2013)

  • Modified how query input parameters were handled - parameters and order are treated separately which allows to use one parameter more than once (but direction still is set per parameter not per position).
  • Added XML input handler which reads xml and executes it (handles both input and output): XmlInputOutputHandler.
  • Addition of 4 new input handlers: BeanInputHandlerEx, BeanListInputHandlerEx, MapInputHandlerEx, MapListInputHandlerEx.
  • Minor improvements for Overrider class.
  • Improvement to QueryParameters and ProcessedInput.
  • Added few new examples in Examples project.
  • Increased amount of tests to 900.
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