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A Bash script that generates *.deb package from SBT installer found online.

The project's main goal was to provide some easier mean to install SBT on Ubuntu.
It is intended to be used by package maintainers, so they can generate the deb
and then publish it somewhere on the web.
Ordinary users will be better off just downloading a deb or installing SBT by hand.

If you want to build this deb yourself:
1. have Ubuntu
2. download this project, cd into it
3. run
4. the deb should be generated in the "target" directory

The script
 - downloads latest SBT installer jar from Google Code,
 - packages it into sbt-${version}.deb package

Then you can test the deb and publish it, so people can download and install.

The differences between SBT documentation and this package:
- SBT gets installed to /usr/lib/sbt-${version} directory to be available to all users
  (original SBT documentation tells you to install it in ~/bin, but not everybody has it on PATH)
- symbolic link is created in /usr/bin so you don't need to setup PATHS nor create anything yourself
  (if you use multiple versions of SBT you may need to modify this link after installation)

The package created is almost as minimal as possible, i.e. it misses COPYRIGHTs and stuff like that.
It wasn't my intention to provide a proper Ubuntu package - I just wanted to make SBT installable
more easily on Ubuntu. The second goal was to be able to avoid touching the script 
when SBT publishes newer version.
The first goal is currently met and the other relies on the URL of Google Code project
and on naming scheme of the jar (details are in the script), so we'll yet see.

There is a lot you can do to improve this package. Just send me a patch.
I will most welcome additions that try to be independent on SBT versions.
- this one is locked to 0.x line (where x < 1), I know. Handling of 0.1 is to be done yet.