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Automatically exported from

This repo is mainly for historical reasons, for now addon doesn't work/is impossible to install in newest

AddOn for (and LibreOffice) to export documents to Google Docs, Zoho & WebDAV servers created by Przemysław Rumik

Short description and help for OOo2GD here

Times change, and APIs change. So not all features work now :-( Here short table showing what works:

Document typeUpload as GD docUpload fileUpdate as GD docUpdate fileOpen GD docOpen file
Text documentOKOKOKOKDoesn't work :-(Doesn't work
Presentation (as PPT)OKOKOKOKDoesn't work :-(Doesn't work>/td>
DrawingsN/AOKN/AOKDoesn't work :-(OK

Autoupdate doesn't work at all.

Where OOo2GD works for sure (I tested it personally):
Windows 73 and 43.x
Linux (Ubuntu)33.x

My first description (in polish) here.

<wiki:gadget url="" height="480" width="450" border="0" />

(c) 2007-2015 by Przemysław Rumik

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