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PCSpk - PC-Speaker Server & Client
PCSpk is a set of command line applications for playing simple sounds and
melodies using the PC speaker. It is inspired by simple, but really great
Johnathan Nightingale's beep (
pcspkd - run it with --help option
pcspk - run it with --help option, reads from stdin
without -n | --note option
space seperated values f[:l], where:
f is integer - frequency (in Hz)
l is integer - length (in ms), default: 200
with -n | --note option
first 3-digit number is integer - tempo (bpm)
next are space seperated values TOL, where:
T is letter - tone: C,d(des),D,e(es),E,F,g(ges),G,a(as),A,B,H,P(pause)
O is digit - octave: 0-9
L is digit/letter - length: L=0-9,A-Z <=> 1/(L+1)
with -k | --keyb option
use below keys on keyboard (QWERTY layout assumed) to play:
s f g j k l 2 3 5 6 7 9 0 =
z x c v bn m , . q w er t y u i o p[ ]
(use shift to increase octave)
Of course PC Speaker ;-) and PC Speaker support (in linux kernel 2.6:
Device Drivers > Input device... > Miscellaneous... > PC Speaker support).
If you want to run pcspkd by non-root user you can do it only from tty
and must have /proc file system support (in lk 2.6: File... > Pseudo... >
/proc file system support, in lk 2.4: File... > /proc file system support).
Examples of usage
fcat - Takako Minekawa - Fantastic Cat (beginning)
fuga - J.S.Bach fugue in D minor (fragment)
fuga2 - J.S.Bach fugue in D minor (longer fragment)
cosmic - wtf? ;-)
You can obtain it (tarball and signature) from:
Signer should be the current maintainer, see AUTHORS file.
Alternatively, you can get it from:
If you want to see the latest source code, then git clone following URL:
See INSTALL file.
See ChangeLog file.
To do
See TODO file.
The project is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v2 only license.
See COPYING file for the full license text.