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BookmarksBase is a tool that allows for searching in your bookmarks including entire contents of web sites, addresses and titles.


Currently supports only Firefox

How to start?

  • Run BookmarksBase.Importer. It reads all your bookmarks, downloads clean text from the bookmarked websites and stores in current folder SQLite database file.
  • Please note, that some anti-virus software may consider the importer as suspicious. It opens many connections in parallel to download web sites, which is quite unusual. I personally added whole folder to Windows Defender exceptions.
  • Enjoy using BookmarksBase.Search.exe. It supports regular expressions and searches in the indexed web page contents. Type help: to view some extra features.

1. Instructions for the user

  • BookmarksBase.Importer.exeFirst run this tool to generate database of bookmarks along with their contents.

  • BookmarksBase.Search.exeMain application intended for searching. It searches through text from bookmarked websites

  • When application starts, searching box is already focused. Start typing the text and press Enter

  • You can use TAB to switch between search box and results list

  • You can move up and down using keyboard when results list is focused

  • Search is case insensitive and a text you enter is compiled as a regular expression

  • If you wish to express any number of any characters use .*

  • Double click on results list item opens it in a web browser

  • Enter while focused on results list also opens selected item in a web browser

  • You can switch between grouped and ungrouped view by using option in the context menu

2. Source code structure

  • BookmarksBase.Search — WPF application to perform searches
  • BookmarksBase.Importer — Command line utility to import bookmarks from web browser and pull text from web pages
  • BookmarksBase.Storage — DLL library with the implementation of the search as well as i/o with database file
  • Experimental BookmarksBase.Exporter — Command line utility to export boomarks from SQLite database into MS SQL database. You probably will not need this.

3. Release notes

  • All applications are written for .NET6 (at the moment)
  • Currently only Firefox web browser is supported. Other implementations can easily be created by inheriting BookmarksImporter class (following open-closed principle)
  • HTML parsing is done with Lynx and thus its binaries (included) are required to run the importer


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