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24.08 - start moving to core2 mvc, created new project, created aktualnosci dbContext,
cobtroller, creating controlers `index`, `details` methods,
25.08 - 27.08 - **DAYS OFF** for weekend/travel
28.08 - finished aktualnosci controller, finished index view,
29.08 - paging, crud for aktualnosci, small styling corrections
30.08 - uploading demo to Azure, waiting for feedback from client regarding further
works, changes and corrections
31.08 - added archiwum component in _layout, troubles with nicEdit in Azure server,
found new and better wysiwyg plugin
01.09 - 02.09 - **DAYS OFF** for weekend/travel
03.09 - start working on identity roles
04.09 - cont. work on identity roles, troubles with migration of local identity DB
05.09 - 12.09 - **DAYS OFF** for travel around the Europe
13.09 - completed work on ASP.NET Identity roles, added Admin and Moderator roles,
corrected paging error, added mark class on current paging page
14.09 - 16.09 - **DAYS OFF** for weekend/travel
17.09 - links in "warto zobaczyæ" dropdown, subpages (controllers, models, views for
historia szko³y, dokumenty, rada rodziców),
18.09 - 21.09 - preparing rest of the subpages with views and controlles,
only calendar events, contact and picture gallery pages remaining
22.09 - 24.09 - **DAYS OFF** for weekend/travel
25.09 - start working on calendar events subpage, instaling calendar plugin,
26.09 - connecting plugin with database using ajax and core component,
27.09 - installed date+time picker for calendar events edit view, styling it and
styling calendar plugin
28.09 - installed weather widget, started to make styling
29.09 - connected weather widget with Yahoo! weather, finished styling
30.09 - corrected styling of widgets
01.10 - corrcted responsivity of all website subpages
02.10 - adding repositories to all controllers, adding validations to some models
and controllers, fixed navbar`s hover bug
13.11 - changing logo to the one provided by the client, start working on uploading
main image for `Aktualnosci` entities to EF database
14.11 - added checkbox for default image, completed task to allow uploading
`Aktualnosci` main image, if not uploaded, replaced by default one,
start working on uploading multiple files to the specific location for various
database entites
15.11 - possible to add new multiple files for the test entry, possible to display them
in the index view, added downloading of the files to the client from the test entry
16.11 - start working on deleting uploaded files by moderator
17.11 - completed works on deleting files by moderator, corrected layout view
between plugins, adding pic galery link to `Aktualnosci`
18.11 - **DAY OFF** for weekend
19.11 - corrected weather widget sunglasses bug, corrected navbar onload bug
20.11 - secured forms against CSRF, secured login against brute-force (delayed),
added auto logoff, added display settings model for admins with conditional
display of stylesheet and logo
21.11 - replacing IQueryable with Ienumerable in repositories, repository for
Display Settings, corrected navBtn colors for dark view, cookies policy plugin,
corrected wysiwyg styling bug, removed not existing path bug, removed footer`s bug,
wysiwyg plugin`s translations,
27.11 - added button to pic gallery in OneDrive
03.12 - updated logo, contact details editable by admin, added directions
04.12 - removed bug with file removal without passing object, added generic warning
message to be added by admin,
25.12 - updated Admins view for color changes and with color picker
26.12 - added ViewBags in ActionFilter, registered ActionFilter, changing stylesheets
27.12 - created TagHelpers for custom styling of html elements, created jQuery
functions adding styling to specific classes
28.12 - rebuilding style sheets for dynamic styling implementation, placing custom
styling TagHelpers, implemented color converer for dropdown menu color gradation,
replaced dark CSS style sheet, mobile sizes bigger fonts
29.12-30.12 - **DAYS OFF** for weekend
31.12 - updated roles
02.01 - removed dropdown menu background-color bug, updated calendars JS styling,
corrected dropdown menu border styling bug, corrected 'feels like' temperature
bug, added popups for admin buttons, updated styles of admin btns, secured @Html.Raw
elements against XSS attacks
03.01 - secured application against Path Traversal attacks, corrected layout's style,
removing from controllers namespaces not in use, cleaning up unused namespaces and
added validation to several models, corrected ColorConverter bug