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08.07 - main page graphics project in Photoshop, routing setup, startup.cs setup,
folders and files, _Layout coding, creating model project.cs, repo, EF database,
problem with data return to index.cshtml - fixed
09.07 - routing, layout and main page screen size responding, sticky navbar,
project container formatting
10.07 - technologies base migration, view design, bootstrap tables, main view corrections
11.07 - identity and admin controller, CRUD for projects, problem with deleting
12.07 - fixed deleting in CRUD, created CRUD for technologies,
mixed up with databases when creating dropdown list :/, database fixed
13.07 - problems with dropdown lists, studying ASP.NET Core MVC tutorial from Microsoft,
learned how to use context in controller, finally(!) done first dropdown list
14.07-17.07 - searching how to save multiselect dropdown and form, building simple
test project to learn how to use viewmodel and db context, <-finally done
18.07 - added to test application delete and create actions, implemented in main app.,
start working on auto-update project list for technologies
19.07 - binding list of projects for technology, building logic for int-string-int saving
IDs for relationships between models,<- done
20.07 - 22.07 - studying about relationships between models
23.07 - rebuilding architecture for many-to-many relations between models
24.07 - completed controller for projects, litarature and technology,
created actions: index, edit, create, delete for all of them
25.07 - display order for indexes, navbar responsivity, date picker,
corrected display of index lists, literature Urls,
26.07 - pictures on Tech index, styling social media buttons
27.07 - change form fb/in background icons to Font Awesome, navbar active page,
change style of social icons, styling layout`s header, idea for React for later on
28.07 - updated project model, updated views for custom background-color and extra info,
server side model validation
29.07 - project details view design and code, responsivity of details,
installing font awesome and bootstrap files, updated controller, new view for details
30.07 - added buttons to detail, routing to details from tech index links
31.07 - fixed problem with rendering footer @ several pages by clear:both,
footer design and code, paging for tech and literature, added controller, index contact,
updated project with couple of properties, img format on details
01.08 - index img positioning and responsivity, text editor for comments,
index about/contact, general view design and code
02.08 - edit in 'about' controller, jquery for index img resize,
view component for layout buttons links, troubles with resolving footer for
large screens
03.08 - fixed flushing footer with Bootstrap 4.1, exception page for Staging and Production,
building repositories for all DB actions
04.08 - fixing several small styling issues
05.08 - header`s reveal css+jquery, start working on survey panel done in React
06.08 - studying React tutorials and book "react-w-dzialaniu-tworzenie-aplikacji-internetowych",
07.08 - studying React styling,
08.08 - 09.08 learning how to make CRUD on EF by React, Ajax, Fetch,
concept design of react dialog window
10.08 - studying about arrays, keys, state in React
11.08 - 14.08 - studying book "Fullstack React" for better understanding of ReactJS
14.08 - restarted work on React component
15.08 - updating state on chosen reply for the question in dialog, setting up dialog scenarios,
inputs at some questions,
16.08 - finished with coding React component in test app - saving survey result to the server,
clearing inputs in case of skip,
17.08 - moving and adapting React app to the project, survey controller + model,
survey view
18.08 - finished with dynamic shading of header, used bigger background img for header,
survey view for authorised person, removed bug on navbar for :active, side bar,
08.11 - corrections on `projects` and `contect` models, contact business card styling,
technology images format
22.11 - secured forms against CSRF, secured login against brute-force (delayed)
23-24 - **WEEKEND BREAK**
25.11 - replaced IQueryables in repositories with IEnumerables for many-to-many
relations, start working on antiforgery for Fetch call
26.11 - done antiforgery for Fetch POST,
27.11 - repositories for Contact and Survey, default picture in contact,
fixed button's bug in project' detail view, updated React dialog`s question no6
with variable entered name,
29.11 - removing some minor bugs