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Select and download videos and handouts from courses
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Select and download videos and handouts from courses


Depending on your needs you can download MongoDB University ios or android app.


py 2.7 or 3.x


npm install mongo-edu -g

or see detailed installation guide in the wiki pages


$ mongo-edu --help

  -d          download path                             [required]
  -u          email address
  --py        pass switch to point to Python
  --ncc       no check certificate for py3.x < py3.4.x
  --verbose   print debug info
  --retry     retry time in seconds if connection / download fails

  --cw        switch from wiki video lists (default) to courseware
  --cwd       same as --cw and dumps list of videos to file in -d
  --co        arrange video files in correct order of the courseware
  --cc        get closed captions
  --cco       get only closed captions without downloading videos
  --hq        get high quality videos

  -h          switch from videos (default) to handouts
  --uz        unzip handout files

  --proxy     pass proxy switch for video download
  --test      use with --proxy to test if usable

  --save      save presets
  --load      load presets

Select and download

Videos and closed captions

Download all available videos from lists present in the wiki pages for any given week. If no lists are present in wiki add --cw to search through the main courseware pages.

Add --cc to download closed captions with the videos and --hq to get high quality videos. Use with --co to sequence the video files in order of the wiki ( based on the order of the files present in the wiki lists ) or courseware ( when used with --cw preserves the courseware order ).


Videos via proxy

You can download videos via proxy tunnel. To test if proxy is usable just pass --proxy http://proxy_ip_address:proxy_port_number --test to download a test video via specified proxy. If succesfull just remove --test and pass the rest of the required flags.


Add -h to download all available handouts present in the syllabus pages for any given week and --uz to unzip files after the download.


Save / Load presets

You can save presets for use for later. To do so just add --save my_preset_name at the end of your call sequence. To recall saved presets just specify --load ...




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