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Smart Dino (HackNY Spring 2013)

  • Smart Dino is a basic web app that, given Gmail credentials along with phone number, will condense a desired email into 250 characters and will text it to the provided phone number via Twilio.
  • The app will only text emails with specified keywords/filters. For instance, it can be specifed to only text emails that contain the keyword 'Rutgers' in the email body, sender, or title. Other emails will not be sent.
  • The idea behind this app came from the fact that we can't be on email 24/7 yet sometimes we are waiting for an important email. By using Smart Dino a user will be able to see the content of the email when the important/desired email comes via text message.


  • A valid Twilio account is required to run the app.
  • Valid Twilio credentials need to be inputed in cronCheck.php where specified.
  • A mysql database can be constructed via the smSQLsetup.sql and credentials need to be inputted in the db.php file.


  • The app only works with Gmail.
  • The password used for registration needs to be identical to the one used when loggin into Gmail.*
  • The password stored is not encrypted since it needs to be properly passed to connect to Gmail.*
  • This app would best be ran locally since it does not implement security measures and requires access to crons.

*Yes this is a vulnerability, but this app was meant to be a hackathon hack, not necessairly a fully deployed app to the public