Using Wikipedia as a dictionary
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Wikipedia Translate

A simple Flask/MongoDB web app that utilizes Wikipedia API (along with Wikipedia python library) to fetch Wikipedia translations for words/phrases. A dictionary translation is given on the side for comparison by Yandex.Translate. For instance, have you ever wondered how the movie "Limitless" is called in Polish? If you have the only way to find out would be to search Wikipedia for the English version and look on the side for other language translations. Wikipedia Translate does exactly this!

See it live in action at


The app requires:


  • Yandex translation does not always translate as desired. For instance when attempting to translate 'white chicks' to Polish the translation will look as if it wasn't translated. This behavior is due to Yandex, not due to this app.
  • The translation search picks up the first article title returned by the wikipedia search procedure.
  • Using Select2 for the fancy dropdown.


  • Allow user to see all possile results for a query and let them pick which one they meant (if more than one appeard).
  • Organize unit tests.
  • Investigate translation from any language to any langauge.