Neat way to locate your Rutgers professor!
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Where RU Professor ?

Have you ever needed to talk to a Rutgers professor who:

  • you are not currently taking a class with
  • is not responding to your emails
  • has no office hours

If yes, your alternate option is to visit this professor after a class he/she teaches. The only way to figure this out is by browsing through the Rutgers Schedule of Classes. No one want to do that! This app does it for you. It will look through all courses and list when and where the given professor teaches.

Be aware! If you use the 'All' option it might take a few minutes to look through all the courses!

See it live in action at


The app requires:


  • Using Select2 for the fancy dropdown.


  • Add comments
  • Add more info to fetched courses (course + department number)
  • Add limit of graduate vs undergraduate
  • Every now and then download entire course schedule to a database for faster queries!