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Naterade is my artificial pancreas. It is a stone resting on the boulders of work done by @bewest, @ps2 and many others.

It exists as an example, so you can build one too.


Naterade is built on top of LoopKit. LoopKit is a set of tools to speed up development of your own closed-loop insulin delivery app. It provides data storage, retrieval, and calcluation, as well as boilerplate view controllers. Most of all, it is agnostic to treatment decisions and input sources.

Can I run Naterade?

Unless your name is Nate, that might be weird for you. Instead, I'd encourage you to look at Loop, which is nearly identical to Naterade but it has some additional benefits, like:

  • Setup and customization instructions
  • Stable, gitflow-based release process

Just remember Your Diabetes May Vary. Your physiology, habits, and risk-tolerance are not the same as mine. Use these tools at your own risk!

License and Code of Conduct

Please read the LICENSE and CODE_OF_CONDUCT

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