The PS2 toolchain scripts automatically build and install compilers and binutils that can be used to create homebrew software for the PS2 console.
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This program will automatically build and install a compiler and other tools used in the creation of homebrew software for the Sony PlayStation® 2 videogame system.

What these scripts do

These scripts download (with wget) and install binutils 2.14 (ee/iop), gcc 3.2.3 (ee/iop), newlib 1.10.0 (ee), ps2sdk, and ps2client.


  1. Install gcc/clang, make, patch, git, and wget if you don't have those.

  2. Add this to your login script (example: ~/.bash_profile)
    export PS2DEV=/usr/local/ps2dev
    export PS2SDK=$PS2DEV/ps2sdk
    export PATH=$PATH:$PS2DEV/bin:$PS2DEV/ee/bin:$PS2DEV/iop/bin:$PS2DEV/dvp/bin:$PS2SDK/bin

  3. Run