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fix StartStopListener events for HTTP Engine V1 broken in e040029 (r854)

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1 parent bdda658 commit 24b17c5c1bb4c168a7af8420cc32f8eccbdc7936 @chocolateboy chocolateboy committed Feb 7, 2012
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@@ -220,6 +220,7 @@ public void answer(OutputStream output, StartStopListenerDelegate startStopListe
// No inputStream indicates that transcoding / remuxing probably crashed.
logger.error("There is no inputstream to return for " + name);
} else {
+ startStopListenerDelegate.start(dlna);
output(output, "Content-Type: " + getRendererMimeType(dlna.mimeType(), mediaRenderer));
// Some renderers (like Samsung devices) allow a custom header for a subtitle URL

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Sounds like this could fix a problem reported in pms-mlx ( There was no log entry by pms showing that a file has been played or any start/stop notifications.


Yep, looks like it:

http_engine_v2 = false

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