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Improved support for Sony Bravia HX (thanks, mazey!)

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1 parent e88463e commit 973d1e14fdc954df90841ed1ef3b0045a142f699 @Raptor399 Raptor399 committed Dec 29, 2012
@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ Changelog:
- Android: allowing chunked transfer
- AirPlayer & iPad/iPhone: transcoding to WMV format gives better results
- Added support for Philips HTS (thanks, leroy!)
+ - Improved support for Sony Bravia HX (thanks, mazey!)
FFmpeg Video and FFmpeg Web Video:
- support all three TranscodeVideo profiles: WMV, MPEGTSAC3 and MPEGPSAC3
2 src/main/external-resources/renderers/BraviaEX.conf
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ RendererIcon=braviaex.png
-UserAgentAdditionalHeaderSearch=(BRAVIA KDL.+EX[3457])|(BRAVIA KDL.+[CHN]X[578])
+UserAgentAdditionalHeaderSearch=(BRAVIA KDL.+EX[3457])|(BRAVIA KDL.+[CN]X[578])
64 src/main/external-resources/renderers/BraviaHX.conf
@@ -0,0 +1,64 @@
+# ps3mediaserver renderer profile for Sony Bravia HX series
+# Refer to PS3.conf for help
+RendererName=Sony Bravia HX
+# Reported identifying headers:
+# X-AV-Client-Info: av=5.0; cn="Sony Corporation"; mn="BRAVIA KDL-55HX750"; mv="1.7";
+UserAgentAdditionalHeaderSearch=BRAVIA KDL.+HX
+# For Bravia TVs and Sony Bluray players
+CreateDLNATreeFaster = true
+# [Supported video formats]:
+# Here we declare support (or lack) of DTS (here, none of the entries declare dts as a supported audio codec)
+Supported = f:mpegps|mpegts v:mpeg1|mpeg2|mp4|h264 a:ac3|lpcm|aac|mpa m:video/mpeg
+# No H264 for AVI files, plus specific mediainfo attributes, for better auto detection (qpel and gmc are not supported here)
+Supported = f:avi|divx v:mp4|divx|mjpeg a:mp3|lpcm|mpa|ac3 m:video/x-divx qpel:no gmc:0
+Supported = f:mp4 v:mp4|h264 a:ac3|aac m:video/mp4
+# WMV files are supported, but not with 5.1 audio: (hence the n:2)
+Supported = f:wmv v:wmv|vc1 a:wma n:2 m:video/x-ms-wmv
+# [Supported audio formats]:
+Supported = f:wav a:dts|lpcm n:6 s:48000 m:audio/wav
+Supported = f:wav n:2 s:48000 m:audio/wav
+Supported = f:mp3 n:2 m:audio/mpeg
+# Apple lossless not supported
+Supported = f:aac n:2 a:(?!alac).+ m:audio/x-m4a
+Supported = f:wma n:2 m:audio/x-ms-wma
+Supported = f:atrac n:2 m:audio/x-oma
+# [Supported image formats]
+Supported = f:jpg m:image/jpeg
+Supported = f:png m:image/png
+Supported = f:gif m:image/gif
+Supported = f:tiff m:image/tiff
BIN src/main/resources/images/clients/bravia-hx.png
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3 src/test/java/net/pms/configuration/
@@ -68,6 +68,9 @@ public void setUp() {
// From BraviaEX.conf:
testCases.put("X-AV-Client-Info: av=5.0; cn=\"Sony Corporation\"; mn=\"BRAVIA KDL-32CX520\"; mv=\"1.7\";", "Sony Bravia EX");
+ // From BraviaHX.conf:
+ testCases.put("X-AV-Client-Info: av=5.0; cn=\"Sony Corporation\"; mn=\"BRAVIA KDL-55HX750\"; mv=\"1.7\";", "Sony Bravia HX");
// From Dlink510.conf:
testCases.put("User-Agent: DLNADOC/1.50 INTEL_NMPR/2.1", "D-Link DSM-510");

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