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-2011-07-05 - 1.30.0
+2011-07-?? - 1.30.0
- Backwards-incompatible API changes (for plugin developers) - see SVN changelog for more details
+ Backwards-incompatible API changes (for plugin developers/packagers) - see for more details
Updated OS X binaries (FFmpeg, MEncoder and MPlayer) to fix an AC3 bug and improve internal VOBsub display quality
- Consistent use of logging framework
+ Optional GUI to allow profile to be selected when PMS starts
+ Better UPnP spec compliance
+ Logging improvements
ASS/SSA subtitles disabled by default on Linux and OS X
Multithreaded MEncoder enabled by default on multithreaded CPUs
Subtitles stay within confines of original frame when using overscan compensation
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