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1 parent 4a13287 commit ba39d30a1283ded0cc177218af2bc113cb6d5d35 @SubJunk SubJunk committed Oct 7, 2011
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  1. +1 −1 ps3mediaserver/net/pms/encoders/
  2. +13 −13 ps3mediaserver/net/pms/
2 ps3mediaserver/net/pms/encoders/
@@ -484,7 +484,7 @@ public String mimeType() {
public String name() {
- return "TsMuxer";
+ return "tsMuxeR";
26 ps3mediaserver/net/pms/
@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ MEncoderVideo.18=Font blur
MEncoderVideo.19=Font sub margin
MEncoderVideo.20=ASS/SSA Subtitles
MEncoderVideo.21=Fontconfig/Embedded fonts
-MEncoderVideo.22=Autoload *.srt/*.sub subtitles with the same file name
+MEncoderVideo.22=Automatically load *.srt/*.sub subtitles with the same file name
MEncoderVideo.23=FriBiDi mode
MEncoderVideo.24=Specify TrueType Font (for Asian languages):
MEncoderVideo.25=Select a TrueType Font
@@ -82,14 +82,14 @@ MEncoderVideo.28=Width
MEncoderVideo.29=Expert Settings : Codec-specific parameters
MEncoderVideo.31=Subs color
-MEncoderVideo.32=Remux when audio track is AC3 (no re-encode)
+MEncoderVideo.32=Remux when audio track is AC3 (no re-encode)
MEncoderVideo.33=Custom parameters:
MEncoderVideo.34=Edit codecs specific parameters
MEncoderVideo.35=Use multiple CPU cores
MEncoderVideo.36=Use ASS default style
MEncoderVideo.37=Alternate Subtitles Folder
-MEncoderVideo.38=Switch to tsMuxeR when H264 video is PS3 compatible and there's no configured subs [TS/M2T/MOV/MP4/AVI/MKV]
-MEncoderVideo.39=Remux DVD ISO video track (no re-encode)
+MEncoderVideo.38=Remux videos with tsMuxeR when possible instead of transcoding
+MEncoderVideo.39=Remux DVD ISO video track (no re-encode)
MEncoderVideo.68=\#Here you can put specific parameters for some codec combinations.\n
MEncoderVideo.69=\#It's mostly for A/V synchronization issues, but it can be used for anything else as well\n
MEncoderVideo.70=\#Consider it like expert settings as this shouldn't be used if you don't know exactly what you're doing\n
@@ -143,15 +143,15 @@ NetworkTab.31=Advanced HTTP and system settings
NetworkTab.32=HTTP Engine V2
NetworkTab.33=Prevent OS from sleeping while streaming
-NetworkTab.35=Maximum bandwidth in Mbits/s (0 means no limit):
-PMS.0=PS3 has not been found. Is it on? You can also check traces and/or configuration, or also the debug.log file
+NetworkTab.35=Maximum bandwidth in MB/s (0 means no limit):
+PMS.0=No PS3 was found
PMS.2=\#- Media Library -\#
PMS.3=A/V sync alternative method
PMS.4=Deinterlace Filter
-PMS.5=PS3 has been found \!
+PMS.5=Connected to PS3
PMS.6=Auto load .srt/.sub subtitles
-PMS.7=SkipLoopFilter for H264 Decoding [COULD DEGRADE QUALITY]
+PMS.7=SkipLoopFilter for H264 Decoding (Could degrade quality)
PMS.9=All Audio Playlists
PMS.10=Definitely disable subtitles
@@ -215,11 +215,11 @@ TrTab2.17=Web Audio Streaming Engines
TrTab2.18=Misc Engines
TrTab2.19=Engines are in descending
TrTab2.20=order; the highest is first
-TrTab2.21=[AviSynth not supported]
+TrTab2.21=(AviSynth not supported)
TrTab2.22=Automatic audio resampling to 44.1 or 48 kHz
-TrTab2.27=DTS/FLAC -> LPCM conversion (You need an HDMI receiver for streaming LPCM 5.1 \! Average Bitrate = 4.6Mbps)
-TrTab2.28=Keep DTS audio in stream (Compatible with optical output) -> Careful, slight bitrate overhead !
-TrTab2.29=AC3 Audio bitrate (in Kbits/s) (ex: 384, 576, 640):
+TrTab2.27=DTS/FLAC to LPCM conversion (You need an HDMI receiver for streaming LPCM 5.1)
+TrTab2.28=Keep DTS audio in stream (Compatible with optical output)
+TrTab2.29=AC3 audio bitrate (in Kb/s) (ex: 384, 576, 640):
TrTab2.32=Mpeg2 Video quality settings (Some presets are available in the drop-down, you can also edit values, but be careful):
TrTab2.39=The video is automatically transcoded and muxed to a MPEG-PS / AC3 audio (highly compatible on PS3)
TrTab2.40=\nYou can play with the vqscale, vqmin and keyint parameters to achieve good, even almost lossless transcoding quality.
@@ -230,6 +230,6 @@ TrTab2.44=\nthe more your cpu will suffer\! Also, don't expect to fit a 1080p ac
TrTab2.50=Maximum number of audio channels to output:
TrTab2.51=Definitely disable subtitles
TrTab2.52=Chapters \#Transcode\# folder support / Interval in minutes:
-TrTab2.53=EXPERIMENTAL/UNSTABLE: Encoded audio (AC3 and DTS) passthrough. If enabled, overrides previous option.
+TrTab2.53=Bypass Cinavia protection. Overrides previous option.
TreeNodeSettings.4=This engine is not loaded\!

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