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Raptor399 committed Nov 20, 2011
1 parent c4eb65a commit e528d7cfb8433f8ace9db1629c1f5b058e28a477
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@@ -8,22 +8,11 @@ Originally written to support the PlayStation 3, PS3 Media Server has been
expanded to support a range of other media renderers, including smartphones,
televisions, music players and more.
-We are currently in the process of moving the source from Google Code to GitHub.
-At the same time the source is modified to be built with Maven instead of Ant.
-As a result, the source at GitHub is currently under development and possibly unstable;
-use it at your own risk.
-You will find the most recent stable PMS source code on Google Code:
* Website:
+* Source code:
* Issue tracker:
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
<name>PS3 Media Server</name>
- <version>1.50.0-SNAPSHOT</version>
+ <version>1.50.0</version>

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