ffmpeg segfaults on OS X 10.7.5 with latest stable PMS 1.82.0 #114

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PS3 Media Server.app/Contents/Resources/Java/osx ⮀
[1] 75639 segmentation fault ./ffmpeg

This is the internal ffmpeg that comes with PMS, here is the md5 sum:

MD5 (ffmpeg) = bfdec4bb74fa1960cbd93b96b24ce372

I had to manually replace it with a build I got from: http://ffmpegmac.net/

I looked into the issues and couldn't find anyone mentioning this bug, not sure if it works on other OS X versions..

PS3 Media Server member

Strange. Works for me on OSX 10.8.4 and I haven't heard this on the forum.
Does the problem persist in PMS 1.90.0?


indeed, I have 2 machines, one with 10.7.5 which segfaults and one with 10.8.4 which works fine, I have not tested 1.90.0 yet, I'll try that tonight and report back.


I have the same issue with the very latest (1.90.1) PS3 Media Server release on a Mac Pro running OS X 10.6.8.

[21:51] nightowl:/<4>Java/osx % pwd
/Applications/PS3 Media Server.app/Contents/Resources/Java/osx
[21:55] nightowl:/<4>Java/osx % ./ffmpeg
Segmentation fault
[21:55] nightowl:/<4>Java/osx % ls -l ffmpeg
-rwxr-xr-x@ 1 riot admin 21478188 Aug 17 07:54 ffmpeg*

Even more amusing:

[21:55] nightowl:/<4>Java/osx % su -
nightowl:~ root# cd "/Applications/PS3 Media Server.app/Contents/Resources/Java/osx"
nightowl:osx root# ./ffmpeg
Illegal instruction

nightowl:osx root# dtruss -f ./ffmpeg
dtrace: failed to execute ./ffmpeg: Could not create symbolicator for task

I can't seem to do anything to debug this thing.

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