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Update src/main/resources/i18n/ #104

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Òscar Òdena Patrick Atoon
Òscar Òdena

My first contribution, just testing.
Update a catalan syntax error on line 120.

Patrick Atoon Raptor399 referenced this pull request from a commit
Patrick Atoon Raptor399 Updated catalan translation (thanks, oscaroe!)
Closes pull request #104.
Patrick Atoon

Committed, thanks!

Patrick Atoon Raptor399 closed this
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Commits on Feb 10, 2013
  1. Update src/main/resources/i18n/

    Oscar Odena authored
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  1. +1 −1  src/main/resources/i18n/
2  src/main/resources/i18n/
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ NetworkTab.2=Genraci\u00F3 de miniatures
NetworkTab.3=Iniciar minimitzat
NetworkTab.4=Instalar como a Servei de Windows
NetworkTab.5=Configuraci\u00F3 General
-NetworkTab.6=Tama\u00D2o maximo del buffer de transcodificaci\u00F3, en megabytes (maximo MAX_BUFFER_SIZE):
+NetworkTab.6=Mida m\u00e0axim del buffer de transcodificaci\u00f3, en Megabytes (m\u00e0axim MAX_BUFFER_SIZE):
NetworkTab.7=N\u02D9mero de nuclis usats per transcodificar (sembla que teniu %d):
NetworkTab.8=Buscar actualitzacions
NetworkTab.9=Verificar autom\u00E0ticament
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