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Build PMS binaries

These scripts are only meant for enthusiasts who want to bundle their PMS with custom built versions of libraries and tools, replacing the standard versions shipped with the regular PMS distribution.

There are three scripts available: the first for downloading the sources, the second for building the sources into binaries, and the third for downloading and building a static ffmpeg build (see ffmpeg/ for more details).

After running the first two scripts the following directory structure is created:

  +-- contrib/
  |     |
  |     +-- binaries-deps-versions
  |     +--
  |     +-- 
  |     +-- ffmpeg/
  +-- target/
        +-- bin-tools/
              +-- build/
              +-- src/
              +-- target/
                    +-- bin/
                    +-- lib/

Search ../target/bin-tools/target/bin/ for compiled binaries and ../target/bin-tools/target/lib/ for libraries.

Downloading (and updating) sources

This script downloads the sources for the binaries and libraries:

Run the script and the source archives and directories will be stored in ../target/bin-tools/src/.

Building binaries

This script builds binaries from the sources that were downloaded with the other script:

Cleaning up

To clean binaries built by the three scripts, remove the following directories:

rm -rf ../target/bin-tools/build/
rm -rf ../target/bin-tools/target/
rm -rf ./ffmpeg/build