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Determine mime type correctly for LPCM wav files for PS3.

Added lots of trace information to give insight in the decision making process.
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AirPlayer.conf cosmetics
Android.conf cosmetics
BlackBerryPlayBook-KalemSoftMP.conf renderer profile for KalemSoft Media Player on BlackBerry PlayBook
Bravia4500.conf cosmetics
Bravia5500.conf OverrideVideoFilter renderer configuration option
BraviaEX.conf cosmetics
BraviaEX620.conf renderer profile for Sony Bravia EX620 series
BraviaHX.conf cosmetics
BraviaW.conf Add Bravia W series configuration file
DLinkDSM510.conf cosmetics
DirecTVHR.conf fix FFmpegProtocols access so that plugins can extend FFmpegWebAudio …
FreeboxHD.conf cosmetics
FreecomMusicPal.conf cosmetics
Kuro.conf cosmetics
LGST600.conf cosmetics
N900.conf cosmetics
NetgearNeoTV.conf renderer profile for Netgear NeoTV
OPPOBDP83.conf cosmetics
OPPOBDP93.conf cosmetics
OnkyoTX-NR717.conf renderer profile for Onkyo TX-NR717
PS3.conf Determine mime type correctly for LPCM wav files for PS3.
Panasonic.conf renderer profile for Panasonic TVs updated
Philips.conf cosmetics
PhilipsPFL.conf cosmetics
PopcornHour.conf cosmetics
README.txt add file extensions to README &c. to simplify handling on Windows
Realtek.conf cosmetics
SMP-N100.conf cosmetics
Samsung-SMT-G7400.conf cosmetics
SamsungAllShare.conf Send thumbnails properly to Samsung 2012 ES and EH models (thanks, dm…
SamsungWiseLink.conf cosmetics
SharpAquos.conf renderer profile for Sharp Aquos TVs
Showtime3.conf cosmetics
Showtime4.conf renderer profile for Showtime 4 PS3 homebrew player
SonyBluray.conf Sony Blu-ray players renderer profile updated
SonyHomeTheatreSystem.conf renderer profile for Sony Home Theatre Systems
Streamium.conf cosmetics
TelstraTbox.conf renderer profile for Telstra T-Box
VideoWebTV.conf renderer profile for VideoWeb TV
VizioSmartTV.conf renderer profile for Vizio Smart TV
WDTVLive.conf WD TV Live renderer profile updated
WMP.conf cosmetics
XBMC.conf cosmetics
XBOX360.conf renderer profile for Xbox 360: removed bitrate limit
YamahaRXA1010.conf cosmetics
YamahaRXV3900.conf renderer profile for Yamaha RX-V3900
YamahaRXV671.conf cosmetics
iPad-iPhone.conf fix FFmpegProtocols access so that plugins can extend FFmpegWebAudio …



This directory contains the renderer configuration profiles for all devices that
PS3 Media Server supports. Every configuration profile serves two purposes:

  - Allow PMS to recognize a specific renderer when it tries to connect
  - Define the possibilities of that renderer

For a detailed description of all available options in a configuration file,
examine "PS3.conf".


Problem: My device is not supported by PMS. How can I create a custom renderer.conf
to make PMS recognize my device?

The answer to this question can be found in the FAQ on the forum:
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