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Open Source PCB for the Chorus RF Laptimer Software
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4in1 PCB for the Chorus RF Laptimer by Andrey Voroshkov



  • PCB for 4 Nodes (4 Pilots)
  • easy extendable via JST XH cable (8 Pilots)
  • 5V stepdown for Arduinos
  • adjustable stepdown for RX Modules (use 3.5V to keep temperature low)
  • 92 x 92mm mounting holes
  • XT60 PowerIn
  • 5V USB PowerIn (if you want to use a powerbank)
  • stacked hardware - can be changed in seconds
  • Buzzer Port to connect one Buzzer per Node



22.05.2018 - v3.1 beta released DOWNLOAD

  • inital release
  • i did not tested this PCB. To V3.0 i just added the Diodes and did cleaned it up a bit. V3.0 worked so far. Please report any issues!


Less than 4 nodes?

You can use less than 4 nodes. All you have to do, is to bridge TX/RX (see silkscreen) of the unused nodes. Always use at least "Node1" because the voltage measurement is connected to this node.

5 V power via USB

If you want to power the unit via 5 V USB, please remove stepdown marked as "Arduino" and bridge IN and OUT of it to pass the power from the USB to the Arduios.

How to track 8 pilots and more

If you plan to track more than 4 pilots at the same time, connect just connect two or more PCBs together.

  • Please always set the Loopback Jumper to the first PCB.
  • Connect the next PCB via 6Pin JST cable
  • On the first PCB, bridge MV
  • On following PCBs please bridge GM
  • WiFi/Bluetooth Module always connects to the last PCB. 

What do you need (4 nodes)

(some links are affiliate links)


Blog post about the project

Ordering the PCB

you can order the PCB from china:

  1. Go to FUSION PCB
  2. Upload gerber file (
  3. verify order settings
  • Base Material: FR-4
  • No. of Layers: 2
  • PCB Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm
  • PCB Quantity: 10 (you will get 10 identical PCBs - thats the minimum quantity)
  • No. of Different Designs: 1
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
  • PCB Color: Red
  • Surface Finish: HASL
  • Minimum Solder Mask Dam: 0.4mm
  • Copper Weight: 1oz
  • Minimum Drill Hole Size: 0.3mm
  • Trace Width / Spacing: 6/6 mil
  • Blind or Buried Vias: No
  • Plated Half-holes / Castellated Holes: No
  • Impedance Control: No
  1. add to cart
  2. pay the order! Done!
  3. share unused PCBs with the community! =)
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