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I created this PCB for my personal project of a very big custom Li-Ion Battery which i use to charge my FPV Racing Drones Batteries on the flying field. With this PCB, you can build your own LiIon/LiPo Battery with up to 6 cells. You dont need to worry about the balancing wires, they are intregated in the PCB.

An ISDT BC-8S monitors all your cells and alerts you if there is any problem.

In adition, i also added 3 USB QC3.O USB Charging Ports, which can be seperatly turned on/off via a pin header jumper.


  • connect up to 6 1S cells via XT60
  • XT60 Plugs (direct or via cable)
  • 3X 24W USB QC3.O USB Stepdown
  • Balancer Port
  • Port for ISDT BC-8S
  • open copper trace on back - fill with solder tin to increase trace height
  • 99mm x 80mm Board (all dimensions here)

Support me

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What do you need

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Important Notice

I removed the solder mask in order to apply solder to the traces on the back. I highly recommend to add a good amount of solder to all traces on the back to increase the trace height. With this method, the Traces can withand high amp flow.

I highly suggest to charge big parallel packs with individual 1S Chargers. Charging big batteries via the Balancer Port may take a while.

If you want to use less than 6 cells, just bride the unused XT60 ports.



14.05.2020 - v1.3 released DOWNLOAD

  • complete redesign for use of ISDT BG-8S
  • supports 8S
  • supports ISDT BG-8S
  • angled XT60 sockets
  • balance port
  • 3 in/out ports
  • removed USB charger due to limited space

28.12.2018 - v1.2 released DOWNLOAD

  • added third pin where the jumper can be put when USB Module is powered off

14.12.2018 - v1.1 released DOWNLOAD

  • inital release

Blog post about the project

Ordering the PCB from shared project

here you can order my shared project (v1.1):

  1. Click on "Add to Cart"
  2. Set Quantity to "10"
  3. Solder Mask: select you favourite color
  4. Finished Copper: 1oz
  5. Silkscreen: select you favourite color

Ordering the PCB via gerber file download

you can order the latest PCB (v1.2) from china when you downloaded my gerber file from GitHub:

  1. Go to "PCB Instant Quote"
  2. Upload gerber file
  3. verify "PCB Specification Selection"
  • Board type: Single pieces
  • Different Design in Panel: 1
  • Size : 99 x 80 mm
  • Quantity : 10
  • Layers : 2 layers
  • Material : FR-4 TG130
  • Thickness : 1.6 mm
  • Min Track/Spacing : 6/6mil
  • Min Hole Size : 0.3
  • Solder Mask : red
  • Silkscreen : White
  • Gold fingers : No
  • Surface Finish : HASL with lead
  • Tick "Yes" means you accept we might change "HASL" to "ENIG" at our discretion without extra charge.Thanks!
  • Via Process : Tenting vias
  • Finished Copper: 1 oz Cu
  1. choose shipping
  2. add to cart
  3. Upload Gerber File ( by clicking "+Add Gerber File"
  4. click "Submit Order" and pay!
  5. share unused PCBs with the community! =)

Photos V1.1:

Photos Prototype: