Open Source FPV Racing Frame
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Open Source FPV Drone Frame project initiated by Team BlackSheep


The idea

The SOURCE TWO is a collaborative open source frame project initiated by Team BlackSheep, targeted at FPV racers. It follows the footsteps of SOURCE ONE, a FPV freestyle frame.

The frame design is donated to the community to empower creators and makers, and integrate best practices and current trends faster into a continuously manufactured product. It's a cheaper alternative to clones that can be bought with the peace of mind that the big brands of the FPV industry stand for.

Frame specifications

  • Wheelbase 5": 220mm
  • Top plate: 2mm
  • Bottom plate: 3mm
  • Standoff height: 25mm
  • Arm thickness 5": 4mm
  • Stack mounting: 30.5 × 30.5mm & 20 × 20mm
  • Weight: 72g


  • 12x M3x12 allen screw
  • 4x M3 steele self lock nut
  • 4x silicone cam mount
  • 4x OD 5mm M3 25mm standoff

Where to buy


More files on

Where to buy 3D printed parts

Here is a list of recommended 3D Printing services who are sharing their files under the GPL license (OpenSource).

GoPro Session Mount

Shark Fin

Lumenier AXII / FOXEER Lollipop

Where to buy

Project links

Please use the tag "sourcetwo" when uploading files to



  • initial release from TBS

Project license

The frame files are released under GNU Public License (GPL) V3. More information here:

Project naming requirements

SOURCE TWO is the name of the frame. If you are thinking about manufacturing it, you are expected to prefix the name with a brand name in order to allow customers to distinguish the different manufacturers, e.g. “TBS SOURCE TWO”. As a manufacturer you are also expected to denote the version number of the frame files that you have placed as basis of the project, e.g. “TBS SOURCE TWO V0.1”. If you have forked the project, you need to give it another name in order to avoid confusion between SOURCE TWO and your project. Accessories from the SOURCE TWO project also need to be named with the entire prefix, e.g. “TBS SOURCE TWO FPV Camera Adapter”. Unless the file is not compatible with certain versions of the frame, the compatible version number or version range also needs to be included in the name, e.g. “TBS SOURCE TWO FPV Camera Adapter V0.1 - V2”