An extension to insert shebang line for GNU Emacs
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Looks like Ubuntu don't have Emacs26 yet. I will have to test with
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Insert shebang line automatically for Emacs.


  • Clone this repository
    git clone


Melpa-stable: Marmalade

M-x package-install RET insert-shebang RET

Manual install

  • Add directory containing insert-shebang.el file to load-path in your ~/.emacs file. For example:
    (add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/insert-shebang/")
  • To load a package, add:
    (require 'insert-shebang)
  • Optionally, run make to byte-compile the file.


  • Customize using:
    M-x customize-group RET insert-shebang RET

Env Path

Defines path to env. Default is /usr/bin/env.

File Types

Defines file types.

Custom Headers

insert-shebang can be extended to insert header for C, C++ and FORTRAN programs etc.

Ignore Extensions

Set file types(using extensions) you want to ignore.

Ignored Filename

Files ignored during the prompt are stored with their full-path in ~/.insert-shebang.log file. Set to nil if you want to disable this feature.

You can visit this log file using

M-x insert-shebang-open-log-buffer


  • Feel free to send PRs
  • Create new issues
  • Make sure to run tests before sending a PR
    cask --verbose
    make test
    ## alternate commands
    bash ./
    # travis
    bash ./