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Tool for using git to manage PeopleSoft projects.
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This is a tool for storing PeopleSoft projects in git. This repository contains git hooks that are used to export and import projects via App Designer. It also contains a make file that will generate symlinks to the projects repository hooks directory. It is designed to be installed as a submodule in a repository containing projects copied to file.


This is an example of how to setup this as a submodule.

mkdir c:\io-test && cd c:\io-test
git init
git submodule add .gitpsoft
cd .gitpsoft && ./make.ps1 && cd ..


A commit gives the option for exporting projects from the DB. The current branch name will be used as the DB name.

git checkout -b db-name
git commit --allow-empty -m "init"


A checkout gives the option for importing projects into the DB. The branch name you are checking out will be used as the DB name.

git checkout source-branch
# point db-name -> source-branch
git branch -f db-name source-branch
git checkout db-name
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