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Style Guide
/style_guide/ Community Wiki Style Guide

(Copied from the Travis CI documentation style guide - it's realy good.)

Markdown and structure


For historical reasons, the top level heading in Jekyll markdown files is level 2 (##) not level 1 (#).

We use ATX style headings, and do not use the optional closing hashes:

## This is an H2

### This is an H3

#### This is an H4

We do not use underline style headings:

Do not use this style heading


If you have long lists you can wrap them into 2 (.column-2) or 3 (.column-3) columns using one of the follow CSS classes after your list item:

* long list item 1
* long list item 2
{: .column-2 }


Add a table of contents to a page with the following HTML snippet:

<div id="toc"></div>

Beta features

Mark all beta features with a specially formatted note. Both the > BETA and the {: beta} are required.

BETA Awesome new feature that might not be enabled and is subject to change. {: .beta}


Make sure all references to items in a GUI match the case of the UI, and are marked with asterisks.


Make sure all links have titles:

The [link][example1] in the text

[example1]:  "Example URL"


The [link]( "Example URL") in the text

Code Inline

All function names, filenames, etc should be marked with back-ticks.

If you're talking about applications or services, only the actual command should be marked as code, not the name of the service:

  • Start SQL*Plus by running sqlplus.

Blockquotes / Notes / Warnings

Use > to indicate notes and warnings:

> Note this important info!

Code blocks

Code blocks should be fenced with triple back-ticks "```" and named according to prism.js for syntax highlighting.

your code here

You can also set the filename for a code block by adding a Kramdown attribute after it:

This code is in .travis.yml

{: data-file=".travis.yml"}


Always include text for configuration items. Screenshots and images should only be used to accompany the text description; never use only an image for documentation.