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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package xmlns="">
<authors>James Kovacs</authors>
<owners>James Kovacs, Damian Hickey, Rob Reynolds</owners>
<summary>psake is a build automation tool written in PowerShell</summary>
<description>psake is a build automation tool written in PowerShell. It avoids the angle-bracket tax associated with executable XML by leveraging the PowerShell syntax in your build scripts. psake has a syntax inspired by rake (aka make in Ruby) and bake (aka make in Boo), but is easier to script because it leverages your existent command-line knowledge. psake is pronounced sake - as in Japanese rice wine. It does NOT rhyme with make, bake, or rake. You can also install with chocolatey ( and have global psake.</description>
<tags>build powershell chocolatey</tags>
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