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# Helper script for those who want to run psake without importing the module.
# Example:
# .\psake.ps1 "default.ps1" "BuildHelloWord" "4.0"
# Must match parameter definitions for psake.psm1/invoke-psake
# otherwise named parameter binding fails
[string]$buildFile = 'default.ps1',
[string[]]$taskList = @(),
[switch]$docs = $false,
[System.Collections.Hashtable]$parameters = @{},
[Parameter(Position=5, Mandatory=0)]
[System.Collections.Hashtable]$properties = @{},
[Parameter(Position=6, Mandatory=0)]
[switch]$nologo = $false,
[Parameter(Position=7, Mandatory=0)]
[switch]$help = $false,
[Parameter(Position=8, Mandatory=0)]
[string]$scriptPath = $(Split-Path -parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.path)
# '[p]sake' is the same as 'psake' but $Error is not polluted
remove-module [p]sake
import-module (join-path $scriptPath psake.psm1)
if ($help) {
Get-Help Invoke-psake -full
if (-not(test-path $buildFile)) {
$absoluteBuildFile = (join-path $scriptPath $buildFile)
if (test-path $absoluteBuildFile) {
$buildFile = $absoluteBuildFile
invoke-psake $buildFile $taskList $framework $docs $parameters $properties $nologo
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